Latest Update On Finn Balor’s Concussion Injury

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  1. You can be the type of fan that just watches and doesn't really get into it is fine but if so you have no RIGHT to judge them on whether or not they can wrestle or if they should get pushed. if you think you can then just know you have no idea what you talking about

  2. People that comment saying "Jinder Can't Wrestle"/ "Fire Jinder." PLEASE SHUT UP. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. Please just go to some random indie wrestler ask them what they do to train and then times it by 100 thats what jinder has done to get back to wwe

  3. lol. Weeks after Preparing 4 his WWE return and then his first singles match he got KNOCKED OUT! (got a concussion). I am so sorry that this happened and I wish him all the best and safe return.

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